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  I will give your child a love for music! As a pianist and teacher, I open the door to the joy of expression through music making, to the thrill of moving your fingers over the keys with that 'is this really me' ?  sensation, and to an unspoken language that only music can convey.  

My studio is fun, positive, and encouraging. I foster confidence and creativity, and since every student is different, my lessons are personalized to suit your child's individual needs.

What are you waiting for? Come join the studio to create your own success story!

       Why Join My Studio?

-my innovative and unique teaching style developed through years of study and research in Europe, the United States, and Canada, consistently develops award winning pianists from the ground up.

 -my students regularly win various competitions at national, provincial and regional levels.

-my advanced students are repeatedly solicited by university professors, as they are "on fire" .

-a large percentage of my former students are/were music majors at various universities in Canada and abroad.

-a large percentage of my students have been featured on radio, television, and national concert venues.

     What sets me apart?

-that extra special something focused solely on your child and their way of learning.

-an aim to have fun while learning.

-I foster easy, natural, and enjoyable piano playing, which is how playing the piano should be.

-in a short time, you will hear the quality in your child's playing, and notice their confident, positive attitude for making music!



 Registration is open now for September Students 2017 (and summer lessons) , don't miss out! rowsellstudio@bellaliant.net

Any existing student who refers a new student to my studio will receive one free lesson over and above the regular schedule!

                                     Suggested Lesson Length

1/2 hour for a complete beginner
45 minutes for age 9 and up if suitable
1 hour for grade 7 piano and up, or lessons twice a week for 1 and 1/2- 2 hours total
Theory slots are 1/2 hour, to be studied apart from the private lesson
History slots are 1 hour, to be studied apart from the private lesson

Students of the studio are as young as 4 years old, and include a mix of  beginners, intermediate, and advanced students. As well, I  always enjoy teaching adult students.

Some families/students travel from locations outside the city for lessons, and some have flown in from as far away as Newfoundland for  lessons.  Flexible arrangements can be made in such a case to allow for the maximum instruction time, and alternatively, Skype lessons are available.

Students are generally eager to play the piano. Many students play for enjoyment, while others are planning a music career.

I hold several performance classes throughout the year, where the students enjoy socializing, and I can help ready them for performance.

I usually hold one special event per year.  Recently the focus was scales with a Scale Idol at year's end, where students had much fun competing for various categories of prizes chosen by guest judges.

Private or group theory lessons can lead to an RCM exam.

With an extensive pedagogy background combined with my experience in the field, I enjoy taking capable students through the RCM  piano pedagogy requirements to complete a pedagogy exam.

 If you want to bring out the best in your child, email me for information and registration. Hire the best teacher you can find for your beginning child, and foster your talented child's ability with an experienced, award winning teacher.                                          

I look forward to hearing from you!

Sally Rowsell


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